Alpine Midwifery Care Philosophy:

I believe that by getting to know you and your baby and your family during the time of pregnancy, we will establish a trust between you, as the primary care provider for your baby, and me, as your midwife. I trust that you know what you need to be healthy and I am knowledgeable about questions and concerns which will arise during this special life event. I believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal and natural process. I feel very comfortable in my abilities and experiences to support you during this time.

Attending births, is a time where I feel closest to God.
— Barbara S. Smith, CPM, LM

Because of my European education, which was exclusively in a hospital setting, I also feel very comfortable in the use of obstetrical technologies when indicated. We are fortunate to be in a place and time where both holistic and conventional maternity care are available to us and I will not hesitate to refer my patient mothers or babies to hospital care if, at any time, your pregnancy or birth or postpartum experiences deviate from what might be normal or safe for you or your baby.
I believe that birth works if the woman feels healthy, strong, safe, supported and fully empowered. My passion is to provide care that fosters these beliefs.
I strongly feel that the choice of where and with whom you chose to give birth is very important! My goal is to empower women and I believe that strong empowered mothers are the foundation of society.
Attending births, is a time where I feel closest to God. It is my honor and privilege to accompany mothers and their families in this journey.