What my colleagues and mothers say about me…

I was so impressed with the care that I received from Barbara!  She is such a compassionate and knowledgeable midwife.  At every appointment I could sense a genuine care, love and respect for both me and my baby.  Barbara always knew when to ask the right questions, make helpful suggestions, or even just listen.  She made me feel like my requests and personal choices were being honored at all times.  When it came time for my baby to be born, Barbara was a strong and confident supporter at my labor.  I knew that I was in control of the tone being set for the birth.  I also knew that I was safe with such a skilled midwife at my side.  I truly feel that Barbara is one of the smartest, most kind hearted people I have ever known and I was so blessed and honored to have her as my midwife.

-Tessa Rogers, Billings, MT

After much research and decision making, I decided I wanted a home, water birth for my first baby at the ripe old age of 39.  “High risk” (because of age), first baby, there were plenty of factors to make a mama nervous.  But Barbara, she was ah-mazing.  

She is knowledgeable, educated and experienced. Her wealth of experience and education include not just different birth settings, but births in different countries - impressive to say the least. She’s attended births in Africa for women who don’t have the benefit of running water or electricity. She’s helped women birth breech – and loves them! She knows the power of the female body and she knows births. I knew, if there was a woman for the job, it was her.  My trust has never been more well-placed.

professional water birth testimonial

She turned out to be the best decision I could have made. She was gentle, understanding and never rushed in our appointments. She supported me gently, but firmly when necessary – to make sure I was taking care of myself, and thus my baby, through my mental health, nutrition, physical health and making sure I had support in my family and community.

My birth was…astounding!  It was long too. There were moments where I was unsure, tired, and yes, afraid.  I had some minor complications and Barbara was so in-tune with my body.  She was always right next to me, quietly over-seeing everything, through the long night and even longer morning. And then when I needed her, right there, in my face, and looking deep into my eyes guiding me with patience, grace and a belief that I could do this (even though I didn’t believe it at that moment).  There really aren’t words to describe how amazing it is to have someone like this during your baby’s birth. I feel beyond blessed to have found Barbara; my baby’s birth was beautiful, earth-shaking and cosmic.  I know I would not have had the same experience without her.

If you’ve found your way to Barbara, there is a reason. Pay attention to it. You and your baby won’t just be taken care of, you’ll be cared for. As harrowing as a 25-hour labor at home was, with Barbara by my side I would actually do it all again.  It was beautiful the way she honored all my wishes and helped me make them happen.  I could not be happier with having found her and I will always consider her a friend.

Nicole Gallagher, Missoula, MT • May 2018


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